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Affiliate Intro

Earn Up To $196 Referring New Customers

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If you would like to earn money as an affiliate of Random Mouse Software products, the first step is to register as a member of the site.

When you have done that, return to this page and click on the Signup link above to sign yourself up as an affiliate. This means you will agree to the terms of service, and add your paypal account email address to your member profile for payouts.

You will also be shown how to create affiliate links with your affiliate ID.

Can I Purchase Through My Own Affiliate Link?

No. This is forbidden.

The only way to ensure that you are properly paid for your affiliate services is to prohibit anyone from using their own affiliate link when purchasing a product. Please do not try to get around this rule. You will lose your commission and damage your affiliate relationship with RMS. You can easily make back the cost of the software with a few properly earned commissions of your own.

How Much Will I Earn?

Our flagship customer review product is Review Foundry, a solid content management system that helps webmasters build quality sites. The application is controlled by a product key which comes in different types.

As an affiliate, you will earn 20 percent commission on the first two keys purchased by a new customer you send our way.

For example, if the customer you refer decides to purchase the powered by version of the key for Review Foundry you make $138

The full range of possible commissions that can be earned per referred sale are shown below.

Key Type Cost Commission
With Powered By $690.00 $552.00 $138.00
Without Powered By Upgrade $290.00 $232.00 $58.00
Without Powered By $980.00 $784.00 $196.00

When Will I Be Paid?

Because customers pay via credit card and have the option of disputing purchases at any point up to 60 days from the date of purchase, commissions are paid into your Palpal account approximately 60 days from the date of purchase. Yes, that represents something of a minus to many affiliates who expect to be paid sooner for their services. On the plus side, the refund rate is next to zero and the average affiliate commission per sale is high, at about $100. Also, you can see pending commissions from your Prospects page. This information is made available from the date of purchase.

How Can I Maximize My Affiliate Earnings?

The best way, but hardly the only way, to encourage visitors to your site to take an interest in products from Random Mouse Software is to show those products in action. For example, let's say you run an affiliate marketing site and you place Review Foundry on the site to allow your visitors to offer customer reviews on the products you recommend. Being affiliate marketers themselves they see the potential of a customer review system and follow your affiliate links to our site.

Alternately, you can simply download and install Review Foundry on your site, just as a customer would using the trial period package, and you can take notes about the experience, write it up as a review of the product, and then offer that review to your audience. Review Foundry can be run for 30 days at no cost, just request a trial period key, as would any potential customer.

How Good Is The Affiliate Tracking?

Very good. We attach your affiliate ID to the member when they register on our site. Later, when the member makes a purchase, you receive your commission--even if the purchase takes place months after the member signs up.

You can visit your Traffic Log to monitor the amount of traffic you bring to our site. All clicks are logged, including any campaign tracking IDs you attach to incoming traffic. This way you can see how your campaigns are performing. Daily statistics are available for each tracking ID.

What Is The Return Policy?

Random Mouse Software follows a try before you buy philosophy, so customers know exactly what they are getting when they make a purchase. Because of this, the refund rate is basically zero.

Where Is This Affiliate Program Listed?

The Random Mouse Software affiliate program is listed at the following sites, where it can be reviewed/rated.

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