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This page briefly details the features available in Review Foundry.

Admin Side
dot Installer

Comes with a web-based installation script which will unpack files and set permissions on them. Also creates the required tables.

dot Template Based

All generated pages are template-based. In fact, this Review Foundry is built on the Template-Toolkit, an extremely powerful templating system that offers all the flexibility from a templating system that you are likely to need. The Template-Toolkit is well designed, well documented, easy to extend, and opensource too. The customizability of your pages lies entirely in your templates: the place it should be.

dot Template Manager

Templates can be edited via a simple-to-use template editor which allows access to every Template-Toolkit template used to fill out pages displayed to your users.

dot High Level Database Manager

A built in high-level database management system allows tables to be extended. Add an item feature by adding another column. Change your mind? Alter the column. Easy. Then add a suitable tag to your templates and serve up the data. You can add table indices and even foreign key relations! Records can be easily added, edited, deleted, searched, or listed, independently of the user side of the program.

dot Low Level Database Manager

A low-level database management system is also included, allowing access to those parts of the database that ordinarily are kept hidden by the application.

dot Browsable Record Managers

EXCLUSIVE to Review Foundry is a TRIO of administrative browsers that allow Items, Suppliers, and Members to be managed from an expanding tree of Categories, Yellowpages, or Teams. Click on a category to select it, then transfer it to a new location by clicking on another. Click on a member to select it, click on a team to move or copy the member into it. These are just some of the point and click operations that make managing your database a breeze.

dot File Upload Manager

An upload manager is included, which allows files to be uploaded independently of any other fields displayed on a form. If a file cannot be uploaded, you find out about it BEFORE form submission, saving you time and headaches. Maximum uploadable file size can be specified per file-type. Also, for avatars and logos, it is possible to independently specify a maximum file size and a maximum image dimension.

dot Moderators

Assign review editors/moderators, and the permissions associated with them, on a per Category (or Yellowpage, or Team) basis.

dot Link Checker

An automatic Link Checker will attempt to retrieve the webpage behind each URL entered into the system. Successfully retrieved pages will be logged with a 200 HTTP status. Pages not found, 302, and so on. This allows bad links to be easy determined. The Link Checker makes the application an effective Link Manager.

User Side
dot Comparison Engine

Allow users to select the items of interest to them and bring them together on one page in order to compare features. Comparison pages can even be build by the adiministrator to create landing pages with a permanent location.

dot Language Templates

Separate language templates allow for translation or customization of all text seen by the end user. Any language supported by the Latin-1 character set can thus be integrated into your templates.

dot Skin Support

All of the customizable files that define the look of your Review Foundry pages are packaged as a "skin" which can be swapped for another at any time with a few clicks. The files that go into a skin are the Template-Toolkit HTML templates, the language templates, and all of the images that appear on public pages. Skins can be imported/exported, created/removed, and shared by the community members that create them.

dot Forum Member Database Integration

Review Foundry integrates with external member databases, so that the user need never log in to interact with forms in an authenticated way. For example, authenticate your reviewers without acually forcing them to fill out a username/password form. It can be done behind the scene with cookies. Supported couplings include VBulletin, UBBThreads, Ikonboard, Invisionboard, PostNuke, PHPNuke, Phorum and others.

dot Built-in Member Management

Don't have a forum member database to authenticate members? No problem. Review Foundry comes with its own member management system. Each member gets a Profile page where personal information can be gleaned, as well as ALL reviews the member has written on Items, Suppliers, or other Members.

dot Compiled Templates

Review Foundry supports compiled templates on two levels. If you run the program as a dynamic process, Template-Toolkit can cache the equivalent perl template on disk and reload it each time it is accessed, bypassing the tag parsing process for all but the first invocation of the program. Alternatively, for real speed on the user side, have Review Foundry generate a static (pure HTML) directory of Categories, Item detail, and Review pages. Extensive use of meta information throughout the category and detail pages makes your site very search engine friendly. From these pages, users can perform sorting operations with blinding speed--the presorted pages are already built in!

dot Extensive Reviewing Options

Not only can Items be reviewed by your members, but Item Suppliers can be reviewed too. And it doesn't stop there. EXCLUSIVE to this product: Members can review each other!

dot Flexible Grouping Options

Items can be grouped into Categories. Suppliers can be grouped into Yellowpages. AND... EXCLUSIVE to this product: Members can be grouped into Teams. Each grouping has its own set of pages, all of which (eventually) will allow for the generation of static pages, all of which can be browsed with ease. Add an Item to multiple categories. Add a Supplier to multiple Items and Yellowpages. Add a member to multiple Teams (or let them do it themselves!).

dot Custom Rating Attributes

Each grouping of Items, Suppliers, and Members can be assigned their own unique rating attributes. So users can rate, for example, the durability, the value for money, and the measure of fun that a Toy Item offers in one Category, while the Toy Supplier could be rated for customer support and overall product quality. Or a member of the "Toy Testers" team could be rated for the quality of their reviews, and their accuracy. The possibilities are endless.

dot Image Thumbnailing

Automatic image thumbnailing is supported. Images can be reduced with GD, NetPBM, or ImageMagick.

dot File Download Manager

A download manager is included, allowing specified files uploaded to a private directory on your server to be downloaded ONLY by registered members. Or you can elect to have files uploaded to a public directory where anyone can download.

dot Search Engine

Items, Suppliers, and Members can be separately searched. Searching on required (or optional) keywords and phrases is supported. Term exclusion is also be supported. Searching on Item attributes is planned but will not make the first release.

dot Email A Friend

The review page for any Item, Supplier, or Member can be emailed to a friend.

dot New Review Alerts

Members can subscribe to new review alerts, which are sent out when new reviews appear for the Items/Members/Suppliers to which a member is subscribed.

dot Add new Items/Suppliers

Users will be able to submit new Items for consideration. They may also create Supplier accounts and attach these to any Item that they have submitted and had approved. Suppliers are an optional feature that can be used to add an access point to an item, e.g. a Member might create a Supplier account for his "Wine Distribution" business and attach it to one or more wines located in the Item section.

dot Reviewer Rankings

Reviewers can be ranked. Bylines for the Top Reviewer, Top 10 Reviewers, and Top 100 Reviewers are especially marked with icons when reviews are displayed. These icons link to a separate Top Reviewers page where all reviewers are listed in rank order.

dot Bad Language Filter

If words which are deemed unsuitable are detected in submissions, the submission can either be blocked, or specially marked when evaluated by editors.

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