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REVIEW FOUNDRY: Introduction
Information provided on this page:
dot Why You Need to Collect Reviews. Now
dot The Sort of Reviews You Can Collect
dot How You Can Collect Reviews on One Item, or on 10,000
dot Why Adding Review Foundry to Your Site is a Cinch
dot How You Can Obtain Review Foundry
dot Which Languages does Review Foundry Support?
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Random Mouse saw things this way
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This guy is the real thing
Reviewer: Random Mouse from Pasadena, CA
Date: March 13, 2004
Pros: He tells it like it is
Cons: Not much, he's usually on the ball
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Example of the MANY possible display formats

Why You Need to Collect Reviews. Now

When it comes to marketing, testimonials are perhaps the most powerful promotional tool available to you. Online retail giants like Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, and scores of major e-commerce portals understand this basic fact. They use product endorsements to attract customers to their sites, and persuade them to buy. And so can you.

Whether you sell goods or services, for profit or for the fun of it, Review Foundry will allow your members to review/rate any product or service mentioned on your site. For that matter, they can even review/rate other site members.

Whether you operate a small special-interest site, or manage a thousand-page catalog composed of high-turnover products, it's likely that you can increase visitor satisfaction by offering them the ability to submit their own reviews to your site. In return, they provide you with valuable endorsements. What's more, because Review Foundry is a highly automated review collector, there's little work involved on your part. Even the installation is a breeze. All you'll be required to do is accept or reject the reviews that flow in (or you can assign the work to editors). Accepted reviews appear online the moment you OK them with a single click! Alternatively, you can elect to build the review pages as a static directory on a less frequent basis.

Note: Because a key ingredient to the success of all online businesses involves the streamlining of sought-after information by visitors, and because Review Foundry is a tool specifically designed to that end, why not take advantage of this opportunity and get a head start on your competitors today? After all, the review you fail to lock in today may well end up on your competitor's site tomorrow.

The Sort of Reviews You Can Collect

What sort of reviews can you collect? Any sort. Really. It's entirely up to you. Use Review Foundry to gather conventional product reviews, or create a book-of-the-week-style bookclub, or MP3-club, or... well you get the picture. The only limitation as to how the script can be implemented is your own imagination.

Because Review Foundry is rather flexible in terms of its display format (customization being achieved through a series of control panels and templates) it can probably be used in quite unexpected ways. Use the following link for a more complete list of features the program supports.

How You Can Collect Reviews on One Item, or on 10,000

Because Review Foundry is backed by a fully normalized SQL database it is possible to add a virtually unlimited number of Items, Members, or Suppliers.

Why Adding Review Foundry to Your Site is a Cinch

Review Foundry is written in Perl (version 5), a language widely-used for backend web applications. It comes with a browser-accessible administrative interface which, in addition to offering the basic review-evaluation page, consists of a series of control panels for easy on-the-fly configuration.

The server resources required to run Review Foundry are minimal. Of course, if you run a busy site, any CGI script can bog down your server, so Review Foundry provides a means to build a set of static HTML review pages to considerably reduce server load.

Finally, if your Perl interpreter is located at /usr/local/bin/perl you won't even be required to edit the first line of the installer script to get Review Foundry running! If not, modifying that first line should be the ONLY editing required of you. Review Foundry is designed to detect its whereabouts and provide default settings for all the configuration variables it needs to complete the installation. All you need to do is run the installer and confirm these values. Even if you've never installed a Perl CGI program before, you will likely discover this installation is a breeze.

How You Can Obtain Review Foundry

To receive the distribution for evaluation, you'll need to supply the domain name of your site. Combining this information with your e-mail address, we fashion a unique product key which runs the software. To have the software key mailed to you, and gain access to the Review Foundry download page, first register as a Random Mouse forum member, then follow the "Obtain" link at the top of this page.

Which Languages does Review Foundry Support?

Primarily, Review Foundry supports those West European languages accommodated by the Latin1, or ISO-8859-1 character set encoding. For example, the languages Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, etc. However, I have recently added some support for non ISO-8859-1 character sets. This is fairly simplistic in implementation and mostly involves just adding a "charset" declaration in the appropriate spots. This seems to work OK for at least ISO-8859-2 which is used for Polish. Other non Latin1 languages may work OK too.

All publicly displayed text has been moved into language templates and can be rewritten in the Latin1 language of your choice.

A template editor has been added to the program to facilitate translations.

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