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Use This Review Script / Product Comparison Engine
To Create Your Own Authority Review Site Today!

Download Review Foundry 2.07

Would You Like To Skyrocket Your Marketing Success
By Creating Your Own Authority Review Site?

Sure, You'll Need A Professional-Quality
Customer Review Script and Product Comparison Engine. But I Have That Covered, Along With Lifetime Upgrades & Outstanding Support!


Date: Wednesday, March 20, 2019
From: Stephen Carter
Re: Review Foundry 2.07 - Finally Released!

Review Sites  
Sites Powered by Review Foundry
Early Vegas
Reviews of Las Vegas Hotels and Nightclubs.
Atlantic City Hotel Reviews
Reviews of Atlantic City Hotels.
Your Business Critic
Reviews of Canadian Businesses.
Digi Girls Library
Reviews of Romance Titles.
ClickBank Hotshots
Reviews of Digital Goods.
Gift Ideas Galore
Reviews of Gift Ideas.
Think Shopping Online
Reviews of Popular Shopping Destinations.
Pet Insurance Quotes
Reviews of Pet Insurance Providers.
Documentary Films
Reviews of Films and Film Festivals.
Dance Video Reviews
Reviews of Dance and Workout Videos.
Backpackers Ultimate Guide
Reviews of Hostels Worldwide.
Net Opportunities Review
Reviews of Affiliate Products.
Glasgow Guide
Reviews of Glasgow attractions.
Web Host Junction
Reviews of web hosting companies.

Webmasters, Merchants, and Affiliate Marketers

How Long Have You Been Looking For A Quality Reviewing Solution?

If you have done your homework, you have looked far and wide and found that your options for implementing customer reviews on your web site are very limited indeed.

Why? Because customer review applications are DIFFICULT to create. Additionally, most developers concentrate their efforts on the applications everyone is talking about, which is why you have LOTS of options when it comes to blogging and forum software (neither of which will sell your products and services).

Fortunately for you, I avidly avoid trends. This explains why I have spent YEARS of my time developing customer review applications, or testimonial software. OK, maybe I'm also completely insane for doing this. Either way, YOU BENEFIT from my madness!

Save $196 Today

Purchase now and enjoy an instant 20% discount on the NON POWERED BY Review Foundry key, OR a discount of $138 on the POWERED BY key. Limited time offer. Discount will be lifted without notice.


Why Should YOU Bother To Build
An Authority Review Site?

I think the answer to this one is fairly self-evident. If you don't build your own customer review site and establish yourself as the authority site in your niche, your competition will. It is just a matter of who gets there first. The web provides, if nothing else, one of the clearest expressions of the idea that we live in an age where information rules.

And yet more than 99 percent of the pages returned by search engines are pure drivel. People are desperate for quality information and that is what makes the authority review site so valuable. Why? Because the wisdom of the crowd when applied to any method of reviewing automatically generates an accurate assessment of quality that can be relied upon.

The idea that authority sites will dominate the web in the years ahead is the mantra of many internet marketers. John Reese, founder of Income.com, says in his report The Rebirth Of Internet Marketing, that very soon 99 out of every 100 new businesses on the web will fail due to the explosion of competition.

Only authority sites with rock solid information content are going to survive the shakeout. Building a quality customer review section on your site can therefore play a crucial role in your strategy for success.

Is A Superior Customer Review Solution
Right For You?

Let's face it. Not everyone uses designer fragances like Chanel. Or wears cut-right Armani suits. The same goes for customer review solutions. You might not be looking for top of the line. You might be happy with a make-do solution. If so, you might be in the WRONG place!

Listen, I know your time is valuable, so I want to make sure you know right now what kind of customer review solution I am offering. Below, you will find a quick illustration of the kind of customer review format that you can achieve with Review Foundry. The layout shown below is basically the out-of-the-box setup.

To see a recently launched live site right now, built entirely around Review Foundry, I recommend you take a look at Gift Ideas Galore. The guys who built this affiliate product review site totally get it, and really know how to customize an application.

In practice, you can customize the arrangement of review elements 100 percent to suit your needs. But this ought to give you an idea about whether Review Foundry is the kind of reveiwing solution you had in mind. I think you'll find it is!

The example review format shown is for a hypothetical review of a Game Commentary expert named Joe (in addition to being able to review both items and suppliers of items in Review Foundry, you can elect as well to have members solicit reviews of themselves).

Note that links to the Top Reviewer page, the Reviewer Profile page, and the Vote Manager, have been deactivated in the example. A demonstration of how reviews might look embedded into a complete detail page can be found lower down on this page.

Example Review Layout

(Review ID: 20)
2 of 3 people found the following review helpful:
This guy is the real thing, March 13, 2004
Reviewer: Random Mouse from Pasadena, CA

Pros: He tells it like it is
Cons: Not much, he's usually on the ball

Random Mouse saw things this way
Game Expertise  
Rule Knowledgeability  
Would Recommend  

I have been following Joe's game commentary for years and I can vouch for his track record of integrity and accuracy. He really puts some thought into his win predictions, and he is not afraid to back up his claims with solid statistics.
Was this review helpful to you?   

To make a long story short, when it came time for me to create the ULTIMATE REVIEW ENGINE I did my homework.

I cannot claim complete credit for the final result, which was Review Foundry. When I studied the market for customer review softare I found the right design components scattered among different applications. So I "simply" combined these elements to create the most customizable, the most flexible, the most powerful customer review application ever. Did I need a Ph.D. to do this? Probably not. But we'll never know for sure! Either way, you benefit from having customer review software written by a former ROCKET SCIENTIST!

Testimonial from: Kevin Gosselin

"I've been so impressed with your product. You made this so robust and flexible it constantly amazes me."

--HCP & Associates, Marketing Consultants

The end result is the most complete customer review software solution on the market. Heard enough? Then go ahead and...

Download Review Foundry 2.07 Now

Still need to be convinced? That's OK. You'll find a lot more information on this page about what makes Review Foundry the RIGHT CUSTOMER REVIEW SOLUTION for you.

I Guarantee...

If you encounter any problems using Review Foundry during the 30 day trial period I will help you sort through the issues.

I guarantee this because I know you will not adopt Review Foundry as your customer review application unless you are entirely happy!

  After 18 months of intensive programming to create the ultimate customer review engine, Review Foundry was finally released.

That was 166 months ago, today. What followed was round after round of revision and improvement to produce...

Review Foundry 2.07

The Result of Years of Research and Development

satisfaction guaranteed
Because Review Foundry is the culmination of literally years worth of research and development you are probably thinking that it has reached the end of its life cycle. Hardly. I receive constant suggestions about improvements from my customers (who can easily communicate with me using the forum area or via email--usually getting a response within hours).

This means lots of new ideas about how to improve the program. I certainly don't follow every suggestion, but if someone offers a really good idea that others can also benefit from, and which coincides with my general conception of what Review Foundry is all about--then in it goes!

But don't worry about me coming up with a better version down the road.


Lifetime Free Upgrades simply means that if I should ever make enhancements to Review Foundry in the future, you are entitled to receive the latest version at NO EXTRA COST to you. Ever! Did I mention that I might be completely insane? Who cares! Once again, YOU BENEFIT!

Speaking of benefits that Review Foundry owners enjoy, here are a few more that spring to mind:

First Mover Advantage. As big as the web is today, the number of sites offering a quality customer review area that people want to come back to again and again is still small. That means if you have a great idea for a site where customer reviews matter, Review Foundry can help you establish that unbreakable beachhead that your competition will wish had been theirs. But, of course, you must get there first.
Getting Started Won't Cost You A Dime. That's right. Grab a full-featured copy of Review Foundry now and take the next 30 days to figure out whether it's what you were looking for. If you decide you love it, great--you can think about purchasing a key. If not, you are out nothing. Nada. Don't you wish all businesses worked that way?
Pages The Search Engines Will Love. Yes, it is hard to get good placement in the search engines. But Review Foundry lets you build a static directory of review pages already optimized for spidering. The search engines are guaranteed to love your customer review site!
Amazingly Detailed User Manual. I am sure you know what it is like to be saddled with software that comes with poorly-written documentation. It is a nightmare. I know it, and I've made sure that won't be the case with Review Foundry. See for yourself right now by checking out the Review Foundry User Manual. Over 50 information jam-packed webpages. It even comes with 6 useful tutorials that cover material not found in the manual.
Fantastic Support From The Developer. How often do you get to correspond one-on-one with the primary developer of a software application you have purchased? All my customers receive my personal attention. No unanswered email messages when you deal with me. And if you find a problem with Review Foundry? Often I will have it fixed within a matter of hours.
Look Like A Complete Professional. Because of the extensive template-based architecture behind Review Foundry's public interface, you can seamlessly blend the software into your site. No one need even know that your customer review pages are produced by an off-the-shelf product!

Easy Installation

Review Foundry is EASY to install. But if you prefer, I offer same-day installation for US $60. Simply register, then contact me with your domain, MySQL server, and FTP details and I will provide a paypal address for the installation payment.


Testimonial from: Samuel J. Tucker

"Stephen, let me say -- I am impressed. Review Foundry has surpassed my expectations. It is robust, comprehensive and incredibly customizable. Combine that with top notch tech support, and it is a gem I'd like to keep all to myself.

The whole festival review directory is an added bonus that we weren't expecting from Review Foundry. Over time I wouldn't be surprised if it is more popular than the film review component. Great script. Very Impressive! Can't say that enough."

--Documentary Films .Net

Testimonial from: Martin Smith

"I dread to think how many hours you've put in to deliver this level of functionality and integration. I had been looking for review software for months and only went forward when I found an excellent product in Review Foundry."

--Glasgow Guide

Testimonial from: William Perks

"Stephen, I have tried every other review script out there, and I mean every one. Yours really does kill the competition. Great work on the script and especially the documentation. I wish more software was like this."

--Ten Star Reviews

Testimonial from: Tom Calvert

"The script is definitely what I'm looking for - this is probably evident from the number of queries I've had over the past couple of months while testing it. I would also say my decision to purchase was in no small part due to the excellent support I've received so far. :)"

--Trust My Garage

Testimonial from: Gary Skole

"Review Foundry is just what I was looking for. It works great and costs a lot less than I had expected. While cost and function are both impressive, they are nothing compared to the support I got from Stephen in setting up and implementing the program. He gets right back to me with [answers to my] questions and, amazingly, never gets frustrated with the number of questions I have asked."

--Care Grade

Testimonial from: Alan & Denise Fields

"The software's powerful features let us quickly set up product pages and customize the look for our site. The user interface is a dream---easy for newbies to get rolling yet powerful enough for our expert parents to quickly compare ratings across products and categories."

--Publishers, BABY BARGAINS

EXCLUSIVE - Comparison Engine

Give your users what they are looking for: product comparisons. Users can select products and bring them together on the one page so as to compare their features. Extremely useful if your users are considering buying the products for which you are offering reviews.

Comparison of Top-Selling Children's Animated DVDs

  remove     remove     remove  

If you have pre-schoolers in the house your best bet is to treat them to Monsters Inc. They'll be sure to watch it time and again.

For kids between 5 and 10 the more complex storylines of The Incredibles and The Iron Giant will keep them glued to the screen.

While The Incredibles will provide a thrill a minute, it is the timeless storyline of The Iron Giant that you and your kids will find hard to forget. A true classic. 
Monsters Inc.
The Incredibles
The Iron Giant



Rating: 4.40 out of 5
read reviews
Rating: 4.62 out of 5
read reviews
Rating: 4.44 out of 5
read reviews
  Find out what happens when the orderly world of Monsters is thrown into jeopardy by a small child who accidentally breaches the monster-human boundary and causes monster mayhem.     Superhero's are a retired bred. That is, until the day one of them is forced out of retirement by a wannabee sidekick with a score to settle and a dastardly plan to prove his evil genius.     Something came down in the night, and now one boy is determined to make sure it stays hidden from the snooping army investigator who would surely destroy it.  
 Price      $19.99         $19.99         $9.99    
 Year Of Release      2001         2004         1999    
 Run Time      93 minutes         115 minutes         86 minutes    
 Studio      Disney/Pixar         Walt Disney Home Entertainment         Warner Home Video    
 Sales Rank      241         550         1,627    
 Language    English     English
      see details         see details         see details    

EXCLUSIVE - Tiled Review Records

Sometimes listing records one after another in a vertical format just isn't the best way to display them. As of 2.04 you can now display records in a tiled format. This is especially useful if your records revolve around an image, which is often the case. Space-wise, tiling is also more efficient. It can look darn good too!

November 7, 2007
July 22, 2007
December 14, 2007
Average Rating:  4.00 of 5.00
Average Rating:  5.00 of 5.00
Average Rating:  3.00 of 5.00
Reviewer: Stephen
Reviewer: Thomas
Reviewer: Susan
Pros:   Simple Design
Cons:   Kind Of Boring
Pros:   Perfect Execution
Cons:   None
Pros:   Rather Funny
Cons:   Feel I'm Being Watched

EXCLUSIVE - Locate Businesses by Zipcode / Postcode Proximity

Find results within  
of zipcode/postcode  

Example of proximity search
One of the most popular uses of a review engine like Review Foundry is to offer customer reviews of businesses. Known as Yellow Pages, these directories become super useful when visitors can type in their zipcode or postcode and locate businesses within, say, 30 miles of their location. With Review Foundry they can do exactly that.

You asked for it. You got it. As of Review Foundry 2.0 you can pull up businesses based on either U.S. zipcodes OR British postcodes OR Canadian postcodes!

EXCLUSIVE - Google Maps Locator For Reviewed Businesses And Localities

  OK. So you can easily pull up a list of businesses or places found in the same general area using a zipcode or postcode specification. But where exactly are they in relation to each other? No problem. Add Google Maps to your review pages. Now you can see street-level detail, satellite maps of the area, and more.

Review Foundry calls out to Google to geocode locations added to the database. Addresses are turned into precise latitude and longitude information which are fed to the Google Maps API to display a map of the area which contains your reviewed businesses, localities, or even people.

Paid Add-on - $290.00 Requires Version 2.02+
Availability - Contact Random Mouse Software for details

EXCLUSIVE - Streaming Audio and Video!

  • Add Streaming Audio Tracks
    Perhaps you have considered adding audio to your web pages in the past, but it seemed too daunting. Not anymore. With Review Foundry 2.0 you can create a review site for recording artists, complete with samples of their work. Maybe you would like to offer reviews of sermons from pastors across the nation. Or perhaps reviews of messages of inspiration, or instruction. Maybe you want to host and offer reviews of the best jokes on the web. You name it. If it can be recorded, it can be reviewed!

    Audio files uploaded in .mp3 format to Review Foundry can be configured to use the Wimpy MP3 or Button players to stream audio directly from your web pages. For more information, see the new tutorial: How To Build A Music Review Site

  • Add Streaming Video Clips
    Why stop with reviews of audio tracks if you can just as easily add video clips to your site? Use the Wimpy AV or WASP players to stream shockwave files in .swf or .flv format. Again, the possibilities are wide open!

LICENSES LIMITED - Total Number Of Licenses Is Capped!

You read correctly. A program this powerful and flexible generates so much in the way one-on-one customer support requests that there is a practical limit to the number of licenses that can be sold before it is time to pull the plug and say, No more!

When the number of Review Foundry licenses reaches this limit, the software will no longer be offered to new customers. So, if you want to belong to the Review Foundry owners club, grab your copy NOW, while you can. Seriously, it may not be here tomorrow.

NEW - Complex Data Representations

Occasionally you will want to add complex data constructs to your pages. For example, to add a restaurant menu requires the deconstruction of your menu into several different tables (to manage, say, meals, meal components, and food selections).

Now you can easily extract the content of these tables and reconstruct the formatted data on the fly. This means that if you want to add layered-data food recipes to your review or profile pages, or itemized instructions for building paper airplanes, or anything else that cannot easily be represented by a single table, now you can.

Paid Add-on - $190.00 Requires Version 2.03+
Availability - Contact Random Mouse Software for details

NEW - Custom Review Fields

Add your own questions to the review submission page. Perhaps you want to know how long your reviewer has been using a product. Maybe you want to know how much they paid for it. Now you can find out these things by adding extra columns to the review table. This is another example of a feature added in response to requests from Review Foundry webmasters.

NEW - Complete RSS Traffic-Building Support

  • Review Foundry RSS Feeds
    Publishing RSS feeds on your site is a great way to build traffic. Review Foundry now offers RSS syndication using a variety of methods for selecting the feed content. Create feeds of the reviews, or the reviewed items.

    Select the latest items to go into the feed, or narrow the results based on keyword and/or category matching. Go here to see an example of an RSS feed in action.

  • Google Reviews
    Publication of Google Reviews is also supported. This means you can create a special Google-formatted RSS feed of all your reviews and upload them to Google Base!

    For more information, see the new tutorial: How To Publish Reviews As RSS Feeds.
Example RSS Feed For
Reviews of Popular Animated DVDs

The Incredibles
Summary: All time classic!
Pros: I'll never tire of this one. Ever.
Cons: Are you kidding. None!

If one out of every ten movies had been designed as well as this one I would be a very happy camper. Unfortunately the quality of this movie proves to be that rarity which... more

Had A Great Idea For A Site? Review Foundry Can Make It Happen!

Like Me, I'm Sure You Can Think Of Lots Of Things To Do With Review Foundry.

I have ideas all the time about really great review sites that I could create with Review Foundry. Unfortunately I don't have the time. I am too busy writing software! But to demonstrate the kind of thing you can do, lower in the page is an example layout for a detail page of a hypothetical Graphics Artist Gallery.

Review Foundry allows you to add special image columns to your tables to facilitate the uploading and formatting of images. This means you can really enhance the detail page with a small gallery of associated images, all thumbnailed and linked to the original image, as in the demonstration below. Other nices examples, from Gift Ideas Galore, can be seen in these pages showing examples of Lollipop Animation. Actually this site, built around Review Foundry, totally rocks!

Read why Danielle Stanley, designer for Gift Ideas Galore, knowing that rapid deployment was critical to the success of her business, chose Review Foundry over all other potential review solutions:

Testimonial from: Danielle Stanley

"It was critical to the success of Gift Ideas Galore that we were able to interact and build confidence with our clients efficiently via a review service. Review Foundry met all of our criteria, to include facilities which were lacking from many of the alternatives we considered.

We were also impressed with the flexibility of the script, which allowed us to adapt it to our specific requirements whilst also allowing the option to develop further as our needs increased. At the same time Review Foundry is low maintenance, customer friendly but also gives us valuable data, allowing us to understand more about our clients' preferences and requirements.

We work in an extremely competitive industry which is time critical. Review Foundry allowed us to progress far more quickly and contains numerous features that will assist us as our business develops. In our opinion, it is the most comprehensive and user friendly option currently on the market."

--Gift Ideas Galore

Others have been unfortunate enough to learn the hard way:

Testimonial from: Jacob Mays

"This site has been a dream of mine for almost 6 years. I kick myself sometimes for throwing thousands of dollars away on designers who spent 8 months building a site that doesn't work, when I could have bought Review Foundry and launched months ago. Oh well, you live and you learn."

Several months later...

"Hi Stephen. My site got picked up by Forbes.com and I just wanted to say thank you for creating an outstanding review engine and thank you for superb customer service. Keep up the good work."

--Consumer Raters

The only real limit to your creativity with Review Foundry is your imagination. The web does not need to be littered with boring link directories that contain little really useful information. Customer review sites with images are very, very useful to people looking for information.

Example Detail Page For Reviewable Artist Gallery

Peer Reviews For:
click to zoom
Submit a Review  |  0 Hits  |  Visit Website
Average Rating based on 1 Review
Commercial Appeal 

Compared to averages for similiar artists
Commerical Appeal 

rlucci's artistry evokes the ghost of Patrick Nagel, and suggests that the style which graced the pages of Playboy in the 70's still has a place in the 21st century.

Last Update: May 14, 2004

Member Profile

Homepage: http://www.rlucci.com/

  Tell a friend!      Get review alerts!

Displaying Reviews: 1 - 1
(Review ID: 15)
1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
Portent of things to come!, June 12, 2005
Reviewer: moby from Pasadena, CA

Pros: Best technical execution I've seen
Cons: Lacking in originality

moby saw things this way
Commercial Appeal  

There is no doubt in my mind that rlucci is the logical successor to Nagel. He has perfected the style which Nagel cultivated so successfully, and with such originality. Despite the fact that rlucci's works are digital and not the wet canvas work of Nagel, they are nonetheless striking. The only thing holding this artist back, in my opinion, is that he has yet to apply his talent to an untouched area of expression. If rlucci's Nagel style was applied to the depiction of, say, atheletes in motion, I believe the results could be truly innovative and provide material worthy of study by artists to follow.
report this review
Was this review helpful to you?   

Other Things You Can Do With Review Foundry

Because Review Foundry is highly flexible, the program can be implemented in many ways--the standard Link Manager being the simplest of these. Or it can be configured to perform tasks possible with no other application.

With Review Foundry you can do things like:

  • Create a Social Network / Datamine Your Forum Members
    Review Foundry supports the concept of member Teams, or Groups. This allows you to breathe new life into your site by turning an existing member database into a dynamic social network. Or you can create one from scratch. Members can advertise aspects of themselves and be rated and reviewed on attributes unique to the Group. This means you could use the framework to power any of a multitude of possible social networking services.

    The program can be coupled to the member databases of:
    DCForum, Drupal, Ikonboard, Invisionboard, Mambo, MecuryBoard, MoveableType, Phorum, phpBB, PHPFox, PHP-Nuke, Post-Nuke, SimpleMachines, Ultimate Bulletin Board, VBulletin, WordPress, WWWThreads, YaBBSE, and others.
  • Add A Yellow Pages Directory
    When you use Review Foundry to manage a directory of Items you automatically get an associated directory of Suppliers--as in, the suppliers of the items. Each Supplier has their own profile page. This means representing companies as Suppliers is a logical and usually desirable thing to do. Furthermore, you can define Yellow Pages, each with its own unique attributes, and place Suppliers on these pages to be reviewed and rated by members of your site. This makes it easy to find the "best supplier" in a given class, or Yellow Page.


Review Foundry is available for licensing through a one-time purchase. To obtain the program, simply register as a site member in the forum area then use this page to have the program e-mailed to you when you are ready to install it. You are free to evaluate the program at no cost for 30 days (after which time the supplied keys will expire). If you wish to continue using the program you can purchase a non-expiring key.

Price Going Up!

I have decided to raise the price of a Review Foundry license by $1000. The first increase occurred on Feb 28 (but a 20 percent discount has been applied temporarily to soften the increase).

To avoid the additional licensing fees I recommend you get your key as soon as you know that Review Foundry is what you are looking for.


Key Type Cost
With Powered By If you wish to purchase the standard Review Foundry key, the cost is US $690.00 $552.00 for a key with no expiry date.
Without Powered By There also the option to purchase a Review Foundry key which removes the Powered By notices. The cost of this non expiring key is US $980.00 $784.00
Without Powered By
If you purchase a key which displays the Powered By notices and later decide you wish to remove those notices, you may upgrade your key to one that removes those notices by paying an additional fee. The cost of this non expiring upgrade key is US $290.00 $232.00

Save $196 Today

Purchase now and enjoy an instant 20% discount on the NON POWERED BY Review Foundry key, OR a discount of $138 on the POWERED BY key. Limited time offer. Discount will be lifted without notice.


Every 3rd Licence FREE!

That's right. When you purchase keys for 2 domains, I'll throw in a license for another domain absolutely free of charge. Just email me the name of the extra domain (either at the time of purchase, or sometime down the line when you have decided on that third domain name) and I'll send a complimentary key your way. Note: the two purchased keys must be of the same type (powered by or non-powered by), and the third key will match.


If you are installing yourself, be sure to read through the detailed README, and also look at the list of Frequently Asked Questions. If you are stuck, the next place to stop is the Support Forum. This is the best place to ask a question, and is usually the fastest way to get an answer.

Web Hosting

If you are looking for a great web hosting company, try BlueHost. Lately I have been installing RQ onto this host for clients and I have been extremely impressed with the quality of the hosting service. Review Foundry really flies on this host. Grab their $9.95/month package and you won't be sorry. I'm just sorry that none of my own domains are hosted there. I use FutureQuestClick Here To Get Your Site Hosted With FutureQuest. They are a little expensive in comparison, and you don't get anywhere near the amount of disk space and bandwidth, but their service is excellent too.

Download Review Foundry 2.07 Now

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