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Review Engine and Link Manager

  • 	May ?, 2012. Version 2.08 released.
    	Some minor modifications due to the fact that somewhere between DBI::MySQL
    	and the the MySQL server itself, the results of FETCHALL_ARRAYREF queries
    	have changed in repsonse to specifying more columns in the $named_columns
    	hash than were requested in the data fetch. This did not used to matter,
    	but no we must get the bookkeeping correct to see data come back. Places
    	where the changes were made have 'MYSQL 2012' in the comments.
    	Classes that have been affected:

  • 	April 8, 2008. Version 2.05 released.
    	Some Major modifications:
    	(1) Name changed from Red Queen to Review Foundry.
    	(2) A comparison engine has been added to the application, allowing users to select
    	items that can be brought together on the one page in order to compare their features.
    	(3) Editorial ratings can now be displayed in all the containers just as customer
    	ratings are.
    	(4) RSS feeds of latest reviews for ALL Items, Members, and Suppliers can no be

  • 	January 17, 2008. Version 2.04 released.
    	Some Major modifications:
    	(1) Tiled records have been introduced, allowing pages that list records to do so
    	across and down the page, rather than just down the page.
    	(2) An optional vertical navigation list has been introduced as a side panel that
    	can appear either in the navigation template, or within the inner templates.
    	(3) Better support for editorial reviews has been added.

  • 	September 10, 2007. Version 2.03 released.
    	Some Minor modifications:
    	(1) Canadian proximity searches can now be added to the search engine.
    	(2) Complex side documents can be added to Items/Members/Suppliers. For example,
    	a restaurant menu could be made as a pop up document for reviews of restaurants.

  • 	June 6, 2007. Version 2.02 released.
    	Some Minor modifications:
    	(1) Small extension to the capability of the RSS feed generator. A "sorted container"
    	type RSS feed is now available.
    	(2) Custom question can now be added to the review submission page, so that arbitrary
    	bits of information can be added to a review record. This is a "global" feature. The
    	questions added are the same for all reviews, regardless of the container in which the
    	reviewed thing appears.
    	(3) Member offers. Support was added for an extra page in the editable member profile
    	are. This allows a logged in member to access a separate page on which "offers"
    	might be presented, such as free ebooks and the like.
    	(4) Search results can now be ordered by overall rating.
    	(5) Some extra capability has been added to the jump script that performs redirection
    	of outgoing clicks. If you need to add information about a logged-in member to the
    	outgoing URL, now you can. Contents of the Member record can be accessed from the
    	relevant jump script template.
    	(6) Support for "featured things" is now explicitly offered. Add a 'featuredness'
    	column of the same column definition as the 'stickiness' column, and populate
    	it in the same way (high valued integers push the featured thing higher in the
    	list of featured things that can appear on the top browse page.
    	(7) RSS feeds of member reviews can now be folded into the build process, so
    	that when Member profiles are built, member review feeds can be built as well.
    	(8) An extra variable relating to the choice of linefeed character used in the
    	sendmail case has been added, as some problems have been seen under the existing
    	One Major modification:
    	Added support for Google Maps as a paid add-on. This means that sites which
    	offer reviews for things with a geographic address can now also add a Google
    	Map showing the precise location of the thing. Great for business-related sites.

  • 	January, 2007. Version 2.01 released.
    	Some Minor modifications:
    	On hosts that support the automatic compression and serving of gzipped content
    	(such as mod_gzip enabled sites), you can now build compressed pages only, which
    	will use about 25 percent of the disk space that non-compressed files would use.

  • 	November 15, 2006. Version 2.00 released.
    	One Major modification:
    	Added support for audio and video integration by coupling the
    	program to the 4 audio/video players available from
    	http://www/wimpyplayer.com See the new Configure > Wimpy Player page
    	for all the options--and there are many.
    	Some Minor modifications:
    	(1) Added a Review.right_of_reply column which allows the RQ webmaster
    	to add comments by the owner of a reviewed item, in response to a review
    	that seems unfair.
    	(2) Now the authors of reviews can have a separate syndication page so
    	that readers who like/respect a particular reviewer can add them to
    	their RSS client and receive the new reviews as soon as they are approved
    	and static pages are rebuilt.
    	(3) Revised the working of the U.K. Postcode lookup feature so that it
    	now accepts a full potcode but performs the lookups based only on the
    	outcode portion of the postcode. This is because it is more nature for
    	users to supply a full postcode, but the lookup database resolved only
    	to the outcode level.
    	(4) Revised the Upload Manager so that is now contains an AJAX-enabled
    	upload progress bar, which reports the state of the ongoing upload. Very
    	useful for uploading large files like audio and video clips.
    	(5) Revised the nature of the navigation template colors so that they
    	behave in way that more accords with webmaster expectation.
    	Some Bug Fixes:
    	(1) Sorting things by the overall rating was NOT producing the correct
    	ordering when Shared Reviews was activated. Instead of sorting according
    	to the average rating taken over ALL containers in which the thing
    	occurred, the average was taking place only over the current container.
    	That is now fixed.
    	(2) Editing of the member ID in the
    	CategoryEditor/TeamEditor/YellowpageEditor table was broken.
    	That is now fixed.
    	(3) DATE_SELECTABLE form type was not working right on public forms.
    	Now fixed.
    	(4) When members attempted to submit Item/Supplier/Member info that
    	violated the regular expression associated with a column they would
    	get an ugly and misleading error message. That has been fixed. They now
    	are told that the value of the field in question is unacceptable and
    	they should try again.
    	(5) The Not Applicable rating choice option was not working. That is
    	now fixed. When a reviewer selects that rating choice it represents
    	a non-vote. It does not represent a zero rating, and does not factor
    	into averages for attribute ratings taken over a container, or for
    	the thing reviewed.
    	(6) Editors were not being correctly inherited in all places by
    	subcontainers of a container to which an editor was explicitly assigned,
    	but that should be fixed now.
    	(7) Disabling emoticons from displaying on the review submission page
    	actually stopped reviews from getting properly processed. Now fixed.

  • 	July 31, 2006. Version 1.05 released.
    	Some Major modifications:
    	(1) Added support for RSS feeds and Google Reviews. These are
    	traffic-building features. Also added a new tutorial to explain these

  • 	May 30, 2006. Version 1.04 released.
    	Some Minor modifications:
    	(1) Modified slightly the template controlling the User Registration
    	form to improve functionality of the registration process when the user
    	has javascript switched off. Replace the following template if you want
    	that improved behavior: register_form.ttml
    	(2) Added ability to sort reviews by abitrary columns on the Member
    	table of the reviewer. So if you want to offer the ability to sort
    	reviews by "Reviewer Shoe Size" you could do so, provided you had
    	captured the relevant data.
    	(3) Added functionality to the Build process to allow selective page
    	building so that only containers with newly added things, or things
    	with newly added reviews, will be rebuilt. This is controlled by the
    	new build_changes_only config variable.
    	(4) Added functionality to the Build process to allow interupted
    	builds to be restarted at the point they stopped. This is controlled
    	by the new build_expiration_in_minutes config variable. If this variable
    	is set to 60 (and this is the typical duration of your build) and it
    	stops at 30 mins, you can restart the process where it left off provided
    	you do so before the 60 minutes is up. After that, a build will start
    	again from scratch.
    	Major modifications:
    	(5) Builds can now be carried out in a sub-domain environment. That is, if
    	you have a sub-domain like http://reviews.domainname.com/ Red Queen can be
    	configured to build pages with links that correctly include the sub-domain.
    	See the Build control panel for more info.
    	(6) Like the existing U.S. zipcode-based searches possible in Red Queen,
    	there is now the option to search by U.K. Postcode. This requires the
    	availability of a column with the POSTCODE_UK Form Type (rather than ZIPCODE).
  • 	Mar 18, 2006. Version 1.03 released.
    	Some Major modifications:
    	(1) Some search engine optimization (to increase page ranking in, say
    	Google search results) has been effected by having the page <title>
    	show a unique string for every page in the category/team/yellowpage
    	drill down and item/member/supplier detail pages.
    	(2) Support for vBulletin 3.5 was added, as the vBulletin configuration
    	file has changed its format.
    	(3) Access to category information has been made available from the
    	navigation template so that category dependent features can be propagated
    	to the enclosing template. This means, for example, category dependent
    	banners and so on are possible, and straightforward. For instance,
    	you can use the [% alias.category %] hash to access category information
    	from the navigation template.
    	(4) The list of latest items/members/suppliers is now restricted to
    	show unique elements--prior to this, if an element appeared in multiple
    	containers it appeared the same number of times in the list. Now only
    	the FIRST container encountered is used.
    	(5) Fixed bug in the internal admin Database search page which was
    	not carrying forward the search query parameters to second and higher
    	pages of search results (causing generic search results).
    	(6) Reviews can now be SHARED between categories. This implementation
    	requires that ALL categories share exactly the same set of rating
    	attributes. This is achieved through the Shared Reviews page of the
    	Configure control panel and should be set up BEFORE any reviews are
    	collected. It is NOT backwards compatible with previously collected
    	reviews if rating attributes differ from one category to another.
    	For more information, see the Rating Types section of the RQ manual,
    	and the Shared Rating Types section.
    	(7) The number of things reported in a container (as displayed both
    	on public pages and in the admin Browsers) can now be configured to
    	show the UNIQUE number of things that appear (not the total number
    	of instances, as previously). See the new configuration variable
    	(8) On the category, team, or yellowpage drill down, the number
    	of sublevels displayed can be increased from 2 to 3 (see the
    	Build / Browse configuration page and the variables
    	browse_top_sub_subcategory_links, browse_top_sub_subteam_links,
    	and browse_top_sub_subyellowpage_links. Also
    	browse_sub_subcategory_links, browse_sub_subteam_links, and
    	(9) Added Featured Things which works exactly like the Latest Things
    	option. This feature is based on the stickiness column. Items with
    	high stickiness will appear higher in the Featured Items list. 
    	There are new templates for this: featured_thing_compact.ttml,
    	featured_thing_detailed.ttml, featured_item_compact.ttml,
    	featured_item_detailed.ttml, featured_member_compact.ttml,
    	featured_member_detailed.ttml, featured_supplier_compact.ttml,
    	featured_supplier_detailed.ttml, as well as some modifications to
    	find_top_category.ttml, find_top_team.ttml, and find_top_yellowpage.ttml
    	to support addition of featured things. Also new language templates:
    	featured_things.pl, featured_item.pl, featured_member.pl,
    	Set the configuration variable browse_featured_things_list_size if you
    	wish to activate featured things.
    	(10) Minor modification to the Sort Things page of the Configure
    	control panel. This page should be saved (to transfer the "known_as"
    	column to the default list of thing sortings.
    	(11) With the new build_seo_filenames configuration variable activated,
    	search engine (and human) friendly filenames will be used to name the
    	detail pages. e.g. fancy_shoes.htm as opposed to index.htm. If activated,
    	you will need to rebuild static pages with the NEW filenames.
    	(12) From this point on, unless the following two configuration
    	variables are activated, the alphabetized links on the Members and
    	Suppliers pages will not be present: browse_alphabetical_members,
    	(13) More static pages can be built. These include Top Reviewer pages,
    	Member Profiles, and Supplier Profiles. To simplify things here, and
    	minimize the number of built pages, there will be no more than 1000
    	reviewers listed in the Top Reviewers pages from this point on.
    	(14) Records can now be IMPORTED into the Item, Category, Supplier, and
    	Yellowpage tables. This is a command line feature. A new script named
    	importer.pl in the /do/admin directory allows Excel style record sets to
    	be imported. For details, see the section in the Red Queen manual on
    	TODO: There is a bug which shows up when an indexable table has its
    	list of indexable columns modified. What needs to happen is that the
    	index tables should be DROPPED and RECREATED with the new information.
    	This is NOT presently done automatically. Thus, if you REMOVE the search
    	'weight' from a column, or delete a column with a search weight, then the
    	search engine index tables will be incorrect. For example,
    	rq_item_word_index would be incorrect if the item.description column
    	was deleted. In this case the rq_item_word_index should be dropped and
    	the index for the Item table rebuilt by performing the indexing from
    	the Index control panel (or from the command line).
    	WARNING: Due a change in query syntax in MySQL5, many queries with
    	LEFT JOINs had to be rewritten to conform to new MySQL syntax rules.
    	I think I have changed all the relevant queries, but it is possible I have
    	missed something--let me know if any database errors appear).
  • 	Nov 05, 2005. Version 1.02 released.
    	Minor modifications:
    	(1) Introduced the ability to sort lists of
    	things on abitrary columns (like Items in a Category by descending 'hits')
    	(2) Introduced shared reviews. It is now possible to specify that every
    	item should be rated in exactly the same way so that reviews can be shared
    	across the different categories in which the item appears. This is also
    	possible for members in teams, and suppliers in yellow pages.
    	(3) Introduced customizable jump script redirection. You can now fashion
    	the redirection URL individually for each thing reviewed by getting access
    	to the various fields associated with the thing record (thus, if an item
    	has an SKU associated with it you could construct a URL based on the
    	SKU--which is useful for affiliate-based sites).
  • 	Sep 01, 2005. Version 1.01 released.
    	Minor modifications: Converted the member email retrieval code to an
    	anonymous mailer so that member emails can be kept private. Added option
    	to convert accented characters to unicode before presenting them to the
    	Major modifications:
    	(1) The addition of zipcode tables to allow zipcode-based
    	searches. Visitors may now search for, say, all Suppliers withing 30 miles
    	of their location.
    	(2) The addition of a special SEEKER Form Type, allowing
    	for, say, members to identifiy themselves as seekers of a certain type
    	who can be found by complimentary seek types. Thus, in the context of a
    	dating scenario, a "Man seeking a Woman" can be found by a
    	"Woman seeking a Man". This turns Red Queen into a generalized social
    	networking application.
    	(3) The addition of support for image galleries on the detail pages of
    	items, members, and suppliers.
  • 	May 09, 2005. Version 1.00 released.
    	Officially out of beta.
    	Minor modifcations: The addition of a "report this review" feature,
    	allowing user to complain about the content of objectionable reviews.
    	Major modifications: The addition of a powerful link checker, so that
    	the accessiblilty of each website URL entered into the database can
    	be checked automatically. This addition turns Red Queen into an effective
    	Link Manager.
  • 	Nov 01, 2004. Version 0.9 released as Red Queen.
    	This is the beta.

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