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Review Foundry
Release Version 2.07

For Webmasters

A Perl/MySQL program for content management and review collection.
Foreign languages? See this note
Create a custom directory of reviewable links, files, images, or even people.

When you need to put your authority and customer reviews on a solid foundation, there's simply no better tool than Review Foundry.

Upgrade to a Non Expiring Key for US $980.00 $784.00 / $690.00 $552.00

Purchase a Key

To obtain a FREE trial period copy of the Review Foundry Package, all you need supply is a valid domain name.

Your Review Foundry Package will be immediately available for download. An encrypted Review Foundry Key will be e-mailed to you at the address you supplied when registering for a Random Mouse user account (if you have not yet done so, you can register here in the forum area)..

Note: The trial-period key will expire a month after you receive it. By then, however, you should have been able to test the software and decide whether you would like to license Review Foundry for an extended period. Licensing involves the purchase of a key that never expires.

Ready to get started with Review Foundry? Then just fill in the form and click on the button below.

My Domain Name Server:  

For our purposes, characters considered "legal" in a Domain Name Server are the lowercase letters a-z, the dash (-), the period, and the numbers 0-9. It is recommended that you also REMOVE any leading document root specifier (such as www.) and LEAVE OFF the protocol identifier http:// so that the suggested format is mydomain.com or mydomain.co.uk etc, i.e. in domain name registration format.

Note: Because this appears to be your first request for this software using the above-supplied information, the following keys will be sent with it: a trial period non-powered by key, a trial period powered by key
Note: The distribution is available in .zip format
If this is your first time on the site, may we ask what was the keyword query you used to search for our products?
Your input will be of great help in generating new traffic.

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Note: This product will NOT be presented for download, nor the information provided entered into our database, until after you have read over the Review Foundry User License and agreed to its terms.


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